Faith In What God Approves

Image courtesy- Village Church Columbus

We have all read and heard about an important aspect of our spiritual journey in Christ –

– ‘Faith in things unseen’ (Hebrews 11:1)

It is pivotal for us as Believers in Christ to pray, seek and have faith on the unseen promises of God as we wait upon our eternal rest in God . However, in the pursuit of the unseen, most of us seldom consider closely what God has already blessed us with and approved of in our lives. The approval of God in what is not earned but received– that which has come to you not on the basis of merit, but on the basis of mercy.

Recently while re-embarking on my mediation journey on the book of Exodus, I was drawn to a facet of the incident of birth of Moses. While we all have read and pondered upon how God miraculously saved His servant, it is imperative that we also contemplate the disposition of the motherly/parental attribute of the instance.

For a quick overview – Moses, born into the tribe of Levites, was the third child of Amram and Jochebed after Aaron and Miriam. Pharaoh had just passed a decree that all the new born sons were to thrown into the Nile river (Exodus1:2) but instead of obeying Pharaoh, Jochebed chose to go against the law similar to what the midwives did in Exodus 1.

As influential and mighty a deliverer Moses was, Jochebed was the one who protected, nurtured, laboured for and interceded for Moses. In the words of Ryan Le Strange, ‘ The destiny of a nation was inside a mother—a person who was unknown and seemingly insignificant.’ So what was it that led Jochebed to take the leap of faith in the time of distress for the entire nation and especially the parents.

Joshebed made desperate attempt of saving Moses by hiding him for three months. She has a hope of saving her child and this act of faith to save her did not flow out of any promise made for the child to her or Amram although God had made general promise to the whole of His nation, but her faith arose out of the motherly love and blessing bestowed upon her from God the Father. Moses was a blessing of what God had planned and approved in the life of this couple.

Sometimes what is required of us is as little as having ‘faith in what God has approved in our life’. What Joshebed did was adhere to what was required of her as a mother, i.e. to protect and love the child God had given her. When God sees you doing your part, developing what He has given you, then He will do His part and open doors that no man can shut. We need to believe that He is completely in control – for when He opens a door, He is opening a doorway and making a way to fulfil His eternal purpose in our lives.

The hiding was Moses was commended as an act of faith in Hebrews 11:23. This Faith was demonstrated by fulfilling the duty of a parent (your worldly assignment) without fear of man (here -Pharaoh) and trusting God is in control of the work/relationship that God has approved in your life.

Often a times, God needs us to manifest our faith in doing our best for our duties, responsibilities and clinging to what God has allowed in our lives and carrying out all that is required of us without the fear and doubt of men and inspite of what the present circumstances are even when we cannot see the end result.